My Day-to-Day Approach To How To Control Anger

There will be many series of blogs about how to control anger, as this is one I’d struggled with most of my life. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I started practicing mindfulness that I started to get more of firmer grip on my anger. Oh and by the way, I’m skipping the formal stuff. I’ve learned that using colloquial adds an element of relatability.

Anyways, on how to control anger, I’ll tell that it’s still a daily struggle. As a matter of fact, it’ll always be there. That’s not such a bad thing either. The fact remains that anger is a very real emotion. It’s an explosive, powerful one that can reap devastating effects when untamed. Yet it can reap benefits for your soul if you learn to harness it. Here’s what I mean.

Only You Can Teach You How To Control Anger

Yes, I know, cliche. But if you’re a knucklehead like I am and you have to live it to learn it, this one’s for you. No outside source can help you tame you. Sure, you can have a friend or family member keep you in check, but what happens when they’re not around? You won’t always have those people around. Also, something to note, you don’t have control over something if someone else has to check you, right?

Here’s something I’ve learned over the past year of practicing mindfulness that’s helped me immensely: I practice mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques when I’m not angry. Think of it this way; when someone tells you to stop being angry and just “not think of it,” does it not frickin’ make you think of it even more? Now you’re even angrier. Like you don’t have the right to be angry, right? So the best tip on how to control your anger? Bask in your parasympathetic state. That is, tune into yourself when you’re not in a stressful state. If you still find that some parts of your body, like your shoulders or lower back, are tense, focus your thoughts on relieving the tension in those areas. Take shallow, meaningful breaths. With each complete breath cycle, take note of where you are. Take notice of the different colors you see. Pay attention to the smell in the air. Maybe those smells invoke pleasant memories of childhood activities or a recent event. Really allow yourself to bask in all of your senses. It’s Free.

Man, I Thought I Was Reading A ‘How To Control Anger’ Article…”

Relax, my friend. There’s a reason I got into the zen aspect of how to control anger and better manage it. Your state of mind is who you are. Your thoughts literally lead to the wiring of your brains. When you’re constantly being mindful of your mental, physical, and emotional state, particularly when you’re already relaxed, you’re going to likely find it easier to remain in a relaxed state. This means when a situation presents itself that would normally have you flying off the deep end, subconsciously, your mind isn’t going to be able to respond as easily in the matter it normally does.

I’ve found this little nugget to be a gem in my life thus far. Knowing that life will always happen and some people will always be crappy, I realized avoiding issues and people who make me angry won’t solve any of my problems. It certainly won’t make me a happy person. Instead, I adopted this practice and, for the most part, has worked like a charm. Science, right!?

If you have any tips on how to control anger or how you manage your own, please share down below in the comment sections and help others manage theirs! Down below is a list of popular Amazon ebooks on the subject. Click here for a full layout of books on this subject as well as others related to mindfulness and emotional intelligence!

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  • bgddyjim said:
    February 14, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I go about it differently. But definitely a nice post and attitude.

    • anthonyrichard17 said:
      February 14, 2018 at 4:57 pm

      What do you do? I’m always interested in trying as many different ways of handling my anger as I can to see which one works best for me.

      • bgddyjim said:
        February 14, 2018 at 5:12 pm

        I’m a black out anger kind of guy. I get to a point where I’m so mad I completely blank out.

        I walk before I get there. I tell my wife I have to remove myself for a bit and I’ll be back. Then I drive around the block a few times and talk to a mentor.

        It took a lot of practice but it works really well. It’s been seven or eight years now.

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